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Always “in the soap.” Unscrews as it can, so that the client is satisfied not only with a clean car, but also with the service as a whole. I hardly sleep at night, in 24/7 mode while waiting for a call. He is the director.
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They say that he has the largest collection of butterflies and worn out tires … and the fact that Iron Man himself wanted to change his costume. All we know is that his name is Stig!

We are professionals. We help motorists to efficiently and mobilely use their personal time by renting only new cars from world manufacturers. Feedback from our customers shows that there is a car rental in the Republic of Belarus that is able to offer high-level services.


They say about us

  • Брал в аренду у Дмитрия Kia Rio на двое суток. Очень положительные впечатления! Отличная машина. Всё быстро, прозрачно, дружелюбно и пунктуально! Спасибо, Дмитрий!
  • Понадобился автомобиль напрокат, искали чтоб недорого и машины были не старше 2 лет. Авторента предложил наилучший вариант. Соларис 2018 года за 60 рублей в сутки. Так что если в поисках недорого автопроката, то Авторента лучший вариант!


The modern pace of life is swift and to keep up with him on the subway or in public transport is a thankless task, and, in truth, silly. Having your own car does not always solve the problem of mobility. Arriving in another city, in another country turns you into the same “horseless” man in the street, which is full on the streets of cities. There are a number of reasons why a modern person car rental perceives not as a luxury, but as an ordinary service. For these reasons, for several years already, car rental in Minsk has become increasingly popular among car enthusiasts or ordinary car owners. This service is used by those who value their time, love accuracy and comfort. No one will argue that a business trip to another city causes certain difficulties for those who have time to go to different places. Without knowing the routes of urban transport, moving around the city is rather difficult. Using the car rental service, you can greatly simplify the execution of travel regulations. Inexpensive car rental is just designed for such purposes, and also to go out of town, to the station, to take relatives to the cottage. Cars are rented even by those who can not decide on the purchase of their own car. Using the car rental service, you can practically feel how this or that model behaves, how much fuel is consumed and how comfortable it is. But the ability to sit all day behind the wheel of a selected car and ride in it for just a few minutes is an incomparable sensation. This type of car rental is simple and most popular. Due to its economy, it is available to a wider range of clients. Inexpensive rental is also called “low-cost rental”, used economy class cars, cheap and economical. As a rule, this type of rental does not imply the presence of the driver and this also affects the pricing of such a service in favor of its reduction. When planning a trip or a business trip, you can use a reservation or pre-order a car for a specified time and desired model. Well, another argument in favor of low-cost car rental: a good idea to spend a romantic weekend in another city will appeal to your “half”. You can ride through the city at night turning your journey into a small adventure.

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